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photo by Lisa Kyle


Our wedding photographer, Lisa Kyle, is a true photojournalist I found through her smallish display ad in an issue of Pittsburgh Magazine's Weddings in the summer of 2004. I liked her instantly when we met in her sweet little house in Oakmont; I liked her husband and her son and her stuff, too. Plus she was nice enough to let me bring Zuzu with me, as we came straight from obedience school one Saturday morning.

More importantly, I liked her work. A lot. What beautiful work she does! And I knew immediately she was someone I'd be happy to have around me the whole day. When Andrew saw her work, he agreed that it was beautiful--and if you know Andrew, you know how high his standards are, especially about art photography! Best of all, she had just what we wanted in terms of options, so we got exactly what we want all around. We're really thrilled.

Our wedding photos:
  • Part one (from getting ready through signing the wedding certificate)
  • Part two (from reading the wedding certificate through the family dance)
  • Part three (from the rest of the family dance to late in the reception)
  • Part four (the rest of the reception)

Andrew's photography

Last updated 30 October 2005