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all photos with dogs on this page by Lisa Kyle; photo of Kuan Yin by Andrew

Lisa is an editor. Most of her free time goes into cooking or knitting.

Andrew finished his PhD in computer science at Carnegie Mellon University in the spring of 2004 and now consults to industry on security, technology, and intellectual property issues. He does beautiful black and white photography whenever he has time, developing and printing his own work.

Luxo is a Labrador Retriever-German Shepherd mix who is all puppy, all the time. He's a very happy dog who loves going to obedience school. Someday we'd love to get him started in field work, agility, Rally-O, or flyball--anything that will put that amazing focus and retrieving instinct to work! Meanwhile we just use it around the house wherever we can :)

Zuzu is a Pointer-Labrador Retriever mix who is all love, all the time. Gentle, sweet, and nearly perfect, she earned her American Kennel Association Canine Good Citizen certification and Therapy Dog International registration in July 2004. We're looking forward to getting her involved in some way with working with children, as she's exceptionally gentle and tender with them.


Kuan Yin is Lisa's aging cat. She adores Lisa and Andrew, but has no use for the dogs. She's slowly adjusting to life in the new house.

Last updated 30 October 2005